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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Van Halen: Where Is The New Album?

Just where is the Van Halen album at, and when might fans get any indication that the new record is finally coming? That's the question constantly being asked by the band's frustrated fanbase. Time is running out for a 2011 release announcement.

When one looks at the efforts underway in the Chickenfoot camp, it's easy to see who has the better grasp of media in the 21st century. Sammy Hagar and co are already all over Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and their own websites with video teasers, personal appearances and interviews. But still nothing from Van Halen, who commenced recording of the album back in 2010 with producer Ross Hogarth, apart from David Lee Roth telling us to coming to "Get Ready" (hopefully not to get ready for more disappearing tour dates, as happened in Australia).

The latest news from the VH-camp suggests the continued "mixing" process, which is reported to have been going on for some time now, could involve additional vocals being recorded by David Lee Roth for inclusion on the album. The mixing process often includes the addition of extra parts and replacement of others.

: "As for the album being shelved goes, it's not true. However, I will say that the delay lies within the vocals. That seems to be the main roadblock. Eddie is just not satisfied with the vocals that have been recorded and re-recorded which has caused a lot of frustration with both the Van Halen and Roth Camps alike. It's also my understanding that Shanks involvement ended up being very minimal compared to what the press made it out to be."

While this is just one source and won't ever be commented on by anyone does make sense, in explaining why at the start of September 2011 we still haven't heard one note of the new music.

I've heard further comments about US tour dates for the first 3 months of 2012, so it seems planning for the tour remains on track. There is a rumored January date for Van Halen in Indonesia, but that is anything but confirmed at this stage. Stay tuned as always...

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