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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Journey: Neal Schon; Open Invite to Steve Perry To Join The Band On Stage

Journey guitarist Neal Schon said that new singer Arnel Pineda wouldn't mind sharing the stage with former frontman Steve Perry, who now has an open invite to sing with the band. 

Says Schon: "Arnel is totally down and such a humble human being, that he would be over-joyed if Steve wanted to walk on stage and sing with us. Honestly. He's not just saying that. I've always left the door open. I made it a point the last time I spoke to Perry, when we received theHollywood  Walk Of Fame. There were so may rumours going around that I hatred him, I'm the one that kicked him out of the band. I wanted to make sure people saw me asking him - 'if you ever feel that you'd like to walk on stage, there's always an open door.'"

Check out the Artisan News report below:

In a separate Artisan News report below, Schon talks about the challenges in completing their latest album "Eclipse": 

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