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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Foreigner: 30 Years Since The Release of "4"

2011 marks the 30th anniversary for the release of Foreigner´s classic album "4". The album was originally titled "Silent Partners" and later was changed to "4".
By this time, Foreigner had recorded 3 platinum albums and were one of the biggest bands in the world. When they recorded "4", only four members were left and as a result, the music had to be augmented with session players. Have no fear though, "4" still contains music to rock the arenas with as well as apply to what is now called soft rock radio. That combination resulted in Foreigner's largest-selling album of their career with 5 hit singles & a rare high-selling album that is considered to be one of the greatest ever made. 

With the help of producer Robert Mutt Lange and synth-texturalist Thomas Dolby, they entered their second "fertile" period with "4", which found the band streamlined to the quartet of Jones, Gramm, Elliot and Wills. The album was highlighted by the pulsating roar of "Jukebox Hero" and the churning, futuristic hyper-funk of "Urgent" which included the critically acclaimed soaring sax solo of Junior Walker. 

The public seemed to fall under the musician’s spell and the record soared, peaking at number one on the Billboard charts. This success did not however heal the rift in the group, which would not release another studio album for three years.

A year to make. More than $1 million in recording costs. Deadlines missed. Budgets broken. Classic Rock Presents AOR analyses the dramatic birth of Foreigner "4".

The third sensational issue of AOR magazine celebrates a very special birthday: the 30th anniversary of the release of Foreigner "4" – the classic 1981 album that brought you such massive hits as "Waiting For A Girl Like You", "Urgent", "Juke Box Hero" and many more.
The epic 10-page article tells you everything you need to know about the creation of this melodic rock masterpiece, based around a revealing new interview with Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones.

Classic Rock also talk to former band members Rick Wills and Dennis Elliott; Tony Platt, who engineered Foreigner 4; plus the man who played synthesiser on the album – none other than Thomas Dolby.


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