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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michael Anthony: In New 13 Min Video Interview, Talks Van Halen + Chickenfoot

Bass Frontiers has issued a video interview with bassist Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot, ex-Van Halen).

When asked the question, When recording with Van Halen, did you have a feeling you were creating something really special?, Anthony responds: "We were popular, and we knew we were a good local band, but once we started recording and touring, it's almost like so many years went by and you almost don't know what's happened because you're working so hard. You have a fun time doing it, but you don't realize what's happening around you. Friends of mine would go, 'Look at you guys, how big of a band you guys are becoming', and it would almost scare me if I thought about it, because I never thought of our band that way. They were four friends that were having a good time, playing music and it's working, 'hey we're making some money doing it now too and it's great'." 

Check out the video interview in two parts below: 

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