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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nazareth: "The Record Companies Kept Telling Us That We Were Too Old To Make A Record; We Decided That Was Not The Case"

Classic Rock Revisited recently spoke with Dan McCafferty, frontman for legendary Scottish rockers Nazareth, about the band's new album, "Big Dogz". An excerpt from the interview is available below:

Jeb: Congratulations on "Big Dogz". This is a real Nazareth album with no filler. The last album, "The Newz" was the same. You are on a roll. 

Dan: "We are really happy with it. The band is going great. Jimmy (Murrison) has been with us seventeen years. Lee (Agnew) joined after Darrel (Sweet) died. We kept writing songs before The Newz but we never really recorded them. The record companies kept telling us that we were too old to make a record. It was all very negative. We decided that was not the case, so we went in and did The Newz, which really, really pleased us. We really liked that album because we don’t like to do albums where the songs are all the same. Jimmy was really coming in as his own as a writer. These guys were really writing great songs. Pete (Agnew) and I were not really that involved in the writing of that album. The songs were very Nazareth. They were scarily Nazareth." 

Jeb: You have an extremely unique vocal style. Your voice is just as ferocious now as it was thirty-five years ago. Is it something you work on? 

Dan: "I think it is mostly just pure dumb luck. The thing is that I don’t worry about it. I smoked for years; I don’t anymore though. I still have a few drinks with dinner. I think too many singers are too paranoid about their voice. They think it is too smoky or that it is not smoky enough. They are frightened that they are going to lose it and they drive themselves insane. Generally speaking, I have been pretty lucky. Years ago, I had something wrong with my vocal chords and I had to have something done to them but that was it." 

Click here for the complete interview. 

Nazareth - Big Dog's Gonna Howl by Eagle Rock Entertainment

Nazareth - When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again by Eagle Rock Entertainment

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