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Thursday, June 16, 2011

KISS: "All Songs Arranged And Written" Says Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons on the new KISS album:

We have all the songs arranged and written and all that. Like "Sonic Boom", all the songs were written by the band. Paul is producing this one too. The first day in the studio, we cut two songs. So we're steaming ahead, not thinking too much about it.

(Late-'70s), it's the classic sound of all time. Styles come and go; the only thing that sticks is The Stones and AC/DC, meat and potatoes stuff. That stuff is forever. When was the last time you listened to Men Without Hats? I personally would like to find the guy who came up with the name of that band. It's the stupidest name. You will never get laid with a name like that. Men Without Hats. Oh my fucking god. Kill me now. You might as well wear a T-shirt that says, 'Please beat me up.'

Originally set for release this fall, the follow up to "Sonic Boom" will see the light of the day January 2012, according to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Also the long awaited "KISSology IV" DVD will be released January next year. 

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