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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AC/DC: VH1 Studios Uncut: 58 Min Film

This is a film containing outtakes of songs by AC/DC. None of the songs on this video have been used commercially, so therefore no copyright infringement has taken place. All of this video was filmed professionally, but was never released officially, so by having this bootleg here, no profit losses are taking place to either: AC/DC, nor VH1 Studios. Many bootleg recordings are available for bands, and are legal under US law because they're not officially released by commercial companies, and video recordings are included. 

Recorded 5th July 1996 in London.

1. Riff raff
2. Go down
3. Gone shooting (jam)
4. Gone shooting
5. Back in black (fades in)
6. You shook me all night long
7. Shoot to thrill
8. Ballbreaker
9. Rock┬┤n roll ain┬┤t noise pollution
10. Down payment blues
11. The Jack
12. Whole lotta rosie

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