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Friday, May 13, 2011

Gene Simmons Talks Social Media And Ortsbro Event In New Video Interview

KISS bassist/singer Gene Simmons visited the KCAL 9 Studios Thursday to talk to Dave Gonzales and Sandra Mitchell about a new social media language endeavor.

Simmons has partnered with, a real-time social medial language translation platform. Simmons will host the world’s first real-time, interactive global fan chat in 53 languages on May 20th, where fans can ask him anything in 58 different languages. 

Watch Gene's CBS LA interview here.

Intertainment Media Inc. has announced that, the social media, real time, language translation platform, with business partner and spokesperson Gene Simmmons welcomes Paul Stanley, international rock legend and co-founder of KISS to its online multi-language global chat event. 

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