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Friday, June 24, 2011

Tommy Bolin: "Ultimate" Documentary"; Complete 60 Min Feature

The Tommy Bolin "Ultimate" documentary was produced by Mike Drumm thru Music Link Productions. First it was produced in 1989 after Geffen released "The Ultimate" and contained interview footage by both Drumm and Bentzinger. 

There's stuff filmed that didn't make the final cut, like Drumm's Otis Taylor interview and Bentzinger with Pudge, and also with Barb Bolin in the kitchen describing some of the Syrian dishes she used to make that the boys enjoyed growing up. The final cut documentary aired on TV in both the Sioux City and Denver markets at the time.

Then around 1996ish, when Drumm started the Archives, he relased a new edit called "Tommy Bolin - A Tribute" which included some new footage such as interviews blurbs with Cobham and Narada.

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