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Friday, April 8, 2011

Yes Man Steve Howe Birthday Special; Top 10 Guitar Moments

On the Mount Olympus of Gibson guitar greats, Yes’ incendiary fretman Steve Howe is an often overlooked six-string god - in part because prog rock isn’t as popular as it was during its 1970s heyday, and in part due to his low-key demeanor. Even while playing licks and lines it would normally take three hot players to cover, Howe seemingly never breaks a sweat or steps too far into the spotlight.

So let’s train the brights on Howe, who turns 64 on April 8 (today!), and look at his impressive collection of classic Gibson models and his 10 greatest recorded musical turns with Yes, the band that has remained the foundation of his career since he replace Peter Banks, the group’s first guitarist, in 1970.

Howe’s history as a performer vindicates his perspective, and that was affirmed in 2002 when the Gibson Custom Shop issued a Steve Howe signature model ES-175. The ES-175 debuted in 1949 and was the first Gibson electric to feature a Florentine cutaway beneath the neck for easy access to its 20 frets. The first runs had a single P-90 pickup. In 1953 the first two-P-90 models were produced, and in 1957 dual humbuckers, which Howe prefers, became standard issue.

See the full top 10 list on Gibson.

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