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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who Cares?: Iommi And Gillan`s Charity For Armenia; "Holy Water" Update

Here`s some fresh information about the band on the second track, "Holy Water". Apparently the "All Star" band that is on the first track ("Out of My Mind") is not the same as the second track. In fact, other than Iommi & Gillan, it's a completely different backing band. Here is who plays on "Holy Water":
  • Vocals: Ian Gillan
  • Guitars: Tony Iommi , Steve Morris, Michael Lee Jackson
  • Drums: Randy Clarke
  • Bass: Rodn ey Appleby
  • Hammond organ: Jesse O'Brien
  • Duduk solo: Arshak Sahakyan
  • Underlying duduk intro music & keys: Ara Gevorgyan
I have no idea who most of these people are, but I do recognize Michael L. Jackson, as he's been on a few Ian Gillan albums. I know he was on Gillan's Inn a few years ago.

This project will get a US domestic release. Both the digital version and the physical media version will be released in the US by Eagle Rock, who have done some other cool things with the Sabbath name (Radio City Music Hall Blu-Ray, great Paranoid Blu-Ray last year). 

Anyway, the digital version will come out the same day as it will in Europe (May 6th). The physical CD will come out in the US on June 27th. You can buy the CD in the US Amazon store at the moment, but it's an import. If you wait for the US domestic release, it should be a little cheaper. Or buy both. Digital on May 6th, and physical on June 27th. It's a charity thing after all.

The lineup for "Out of My Mind":
  • Tony Iommi - Guitars (Black Sabbath)
  • Ian Gillan - Vocals (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath)
  • Jason Newsted - Bass (Metallica, Voivoid, Flotsam & Jetsam)
  • Niko McBrain - Drums (Iron Maiden)
  • Jon Lord - Keyboards (Deep Purple)
  • Linde Linstrom - Guitars (HIM)

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