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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whitesnake: New Doug Aldrich Interview

Classic Rock Revisited recently caught up with Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich to talk about the new album. Read excerpts below.

Jeb: You have to be very happy with the results of the new Whitesnake album, "Forevermore". I really like this album and since I got the promotional copy I have not been able to stop playing it.

Doug: Coming from you, that really means a lot. We had a great time making this record. It is a very simple process. There is not a lot of drama; it is very natural and organic. We just started with one song and if we got stuck, then we just moved on. When we came back to it, then we had a fresh perspective. I think this is a very diverse album.

Jeb: “Love Will Set You Free” is a great Whitesnake song. There is a classic sound here. Do you try to write in the style of Whitesnake or is it a coincidence?

Doug: It is not a coincidence, as David Coverdale has influenced me since I was thirteen-years-old. One time my mom dropped me off at my friend’s house, I remember it because I had just gotten my first really good guitar, which was a Les Paul Gold top; I had little Peavey amp. My friend and I spent the day trying to figure out “Mistreated.” That is when I first heard David. If somebody had said to me then, that I would be jamming with him now, then I would have said they were crazy.

When you’re writing songs you can’t plan anything, really. If you want to get the best out of yourself, then you just have to let it flow. I will say that there are flavors of Whitesnake on the album but there are other influences of both David’s and mine. I can hear the Faces, Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy and the Allman Brothers. David is a huge Allman Brothers fan and I think that is one of the main places he picked up on the twin lead guitars.

When David split from Deep Purple, the most obvious thing for him to do would have been to do another band just like Deep Purple. David took a bold step and went more towards the blues and made something new. Through the years, there were bands like the Allmans, Slade and Thin Lizzy that all had that groove to them; almost like an Ian Paice kind of groove. There are tips of the hat to all of those bands on the new record.

Read the enitire interview on Classic Rock Revisited.

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