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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KISS: "Shut Up And Play Love Gun"; PodKISSt #58 Available

"Love Gun" is the sixth studio album by KISS. "Love Gun" is notable for being the first KISS album to feature a lead vocal performance from  Ace Frehley. This marks the first album for the group to feature lead vocal performances from all four band members. It was also the last studio album to feature the entire original lineup of KISS on every track, as drummer Peter Criss was replaced by session drummer Anton Fig for most of 1979's "Dynasty".
PodKISSt has arranged a round-table discussion about "Love Gun":
"BANG! It's PodKISSt time! Here's part one... no, SIDE ONE... of our long-awaited and much-requested round-table discussion of 1977′s “Love Gun” album.

For your listening pleasure, Ken and Gary assembled a kick-ass crew comprised of Joe Casey (co-creator of “Ben 10″ and writer for Disney’s new “Spiderman” cartoon), Andrew Sgambati (the Catman from famed KISS tribute band “Mr Speed”), and musician/illustrator/entertainer Morgan Taylor (creator of “Gustafer Yellowgold”).

This is one PodKISSt installment that will have you rockin' out tomorrow and tonight! So sit back and listen to side one of `Shut Up and Play LOVE GUN!`"

Listen here:

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