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Monday, April 25, 2011

Uriah Heep: New Interview With Trevor Bolder

Mikael “Mixxx” Berglind of Planet recently conducted an interview with bassist Trevor Bolder of Uriah Heep. You can now read excerpts below.

Mixxx: Trevor, please tell us a little about how you worked with the new album. Did everything run smoothly?
TB: Yes everything went smoothly! We did it in a month. In fact I think we completed it in a three weeks time, witch is very good. In the way we did it, we didn´t know how it would turn out, because we did not have a bunch of songs ready. We had a lot of ideas that we made into songs.
Mixxx: I personally think "Wake The Sleeper" and your new album, "Into The Wild", is similar on some ways. Do you feel the same?
TB: They are very similar. I think the new album, "Into The Wild", is slightly heavier and have more rock songs on it. After the success of "Wake The Sleeper" we sort of tried to carry on in that vein a little bit, and that’s why "Wake The Sleeper" and "Into The Wild" almost sound like a double album.
Mixxx: You have gone back to a bit heavier sound. Is it a choice that you and the whole band made? 
TB: Maybe it´s because of Russell Gilbrook. He is very much a heavy drummer. But it also because Uriah Heep wanted to be more rock, especially me. I wanted the band to show the rockier sound more than the ballad-side. Many people who have listened to the album say the same. "Into The Wild" is a heavier album and we have moved back, in some way, to the 70´s again but with a modern feeling. I think it has to do with Mick Box and the way he plays his guitar-riffs. The band stays true to the classic Heep sound.
Mixxx: You played all of the songs on "Wake The Sleeper" in the 2009 tour. Will you do the same with "Into The Wild"?
TB: No, we decided not to do that this time. I think there will be eight songs from the new album this time around. But we might play all the songs, you know. Something I thought about is there will be good to tour with the song we have on the set list, but maybe change some of the songs from "Into The Wild". Make the set more refreshing so people not hear the same songs. So maybe we will swap the songs around.
Read the enitire interview on this location.

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