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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nazareth: New Album "Big Dogz" Out On April 15th

After the critical success of the recent album The Newz, Nazareth approached the recording of this new studio album with a sophisticated challenge: no tricks, no studio gimmicks – just the real thing - the authentic sound of the four members of the band in the studio.

The band retired in Prague and wrote all the new songs. Yet, instead of working like most artists do nowadays - artificially creating a polite version of their new compositions - Nazareth worked on the sound, on the essence of their interpretation as well as on the spontaneity of their performance.

The band ultimately wanted to bring the real spirit of rock and roll back. That’s why it only takes one play to realize “Big Dogz“ will be a fans’ favourite album as much as No Mean City“ (1979) or “Hair of The Dog“ (1975). Besides the furious rock and roll of “Toast“ or adventurous ballads like “Jeses“ or “Butterfly“, songs like “Radio“ or “Big Dog’s Gonna Howl“ are instant classics. Every note and every word on this album shows how intensely Nazareth lived 40 years of rock music – a lesson in rock and roll, where music is too often made by producers. If one had to buy only one Nazareth album, getting “Big Dogz“ would not be a mistake.

"Big Dogz" are set for release on April 15th.

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