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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Led Zeppelin: "Physical Graffiti" Classic Album Review (Full DVD)

This film is a documentary film about the buildup, making, release, and crucially music contained on this most revered of albums. With the aid of rare and classic performances, scarce interviews, seldom seen photographs and contributions from those involved in the making of the record plus the review and critique from a panel of Led Zeppelin experts, this program finally lifts the lid on what many believe to be Led Zeps very finest offering.

"Physical Graffiti" is the sixth studio album by Led Zeppelin. It is a double album which was released on 24 February 1975. Recording sessions for the album were initially disrupted when John Paul Jonesconsidered leaving the band. After reuniting at Headly Grange, the band wrote and recorded eight songs, the combined length of which stretched the album beyond the typical length of an LP. This prompted the band to make "Physical Graffiti" a double album by including previously unreleased tracks from earlier recording sessions.

"Physical Graffiti" was a great success; the album is 16 times platinum (though this signifies shipping of 8 million copies, as it is a double album) in the United States alone, and has come to be regarded as one of Led Zeppelin's defining works. The album is ranked highly on several prominent best album or best rock album lists of all time.

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