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Friday, April 15, 2011

KISS: Day Two In The Studio Footage

KISS has issued the following video, shot earlier today - their second day in the recording studio working on their follow-up to "Sonic Boom".

The yet un-titled album - rumours say it will be called "Revolution" - will be released later this year.

Eric Singer still uses his old drumkit. And that`s a kit with a history:

"They were my 1st PEARL endorsement kit in 1986. I used them with Black Sabbath on that "7th Star" tour and then in studio for "The Eternal Idol" record. Then with Gary Moore, Badlands, Alice Cooper and even a couple KISS shows ALL while they were their original finish in “Piano Black”. I never used them with Montrose, but I did have the Flames painted like Denny Carmassi’s kit he had in Montrose. Used the drums on the Alice Cooper "Dragontown" 2003 tour with the flames painted on to go with the Asian motif ! …and the story goes on ’til today with them being my “new” KISS Kit !!"

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