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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Iron Maiden: "Live at the Rainbow" 1980 Full Concert

This is the first live show of Iron Maiden, with Paul Di' Anno and Clive Burr still in the band. Initialy, the show was to be called Iron Maiden, like their debut album, but they' ve changed the name because of the place where the show was recorded: Rainbow Theatre.

Curiosities: This show had his second half played twice due to problems with the sound equipment, but this fact is not showed in the video. Another fact is that here is played the first version of the song "Killers", that later had the lyrics completly changed for the recording of the album with the same name.


1.: The Ides Of March
2.: Wrathchild
3.: Killers
4.: Remember Tomorrow
5.: Transylvania
6.: Phantom Of The Opera
7.: Iron Maiden

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