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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ian Gillan: "Highway Star (A Journey In Rock)"; 27 Min Clip

As you can see this is a wonderfully in-depth biographical documentary about the life of Deep Purple's golden throat, Ian Gillan.

The interviews with former and current band members are particularly enlightening. Ian himself comes across as a very grounded, very down-to-earth, and open type of person. Of course, this will not really come as a surprise to those of us who know him. But the interviews with Roger, Paicey, and Jon offer a lot of insight into the infamous feud between Ritchie Blackmore and Ian.

For those who might think that this perspective is skewed to make Ian look innocent and blameless, you would be wrong. They are very honest and open about how things went down. There is also some very enlightening hindsight offered about the Joe Lynn Turner version of the band. Joe Satch offers some great insight into the dynamics of the band as Purple were dealing with the loss of Ritchie and striving to prove that the band could exist without him. Then Steve Morse and Don Airey offer their own insight about coming into a band with such a history as Purple has and how the band's dynamic has assimilated their own styles and personalities. 

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