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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Graham Bonnet To Start Recording A New Alcatrazz Album

Graham Bonnet answered fan questions on facebookRainbow fan page recently. Read excerpts below. And, yes, there are plans for a new Alcatrazz album!

On recording a new Alcatrazz album:

Graham Bonnet:
We are probably going to start recording some new Alcatrazz tracks which we had written for about two or three years and never got around to doing them because we had other things to do. With the climate of the economy we had to go out and work as much as we could. I have been doing a lot of sessions so I have never got around to actually start recording the album, even though we have the tracks, lyrics and melodies ready to go. I just have to start doing the vocals on them. I have a couple more sessions to do and then, in the next two or three weeks, I hope we can start doing the new Alcatrazz album because I think the songs we have are pretty cool actually. I'm very optimistic about how people will take to them and they will be pleased with what I've come up with.

On leaving Rainbow:

Graham Bonnet: Yes I did have regrets when I left Rainbow. I should have stayed a little bit longer but when we were rehearsing for the new album we had no material. We were in Copenhagen and the guys were not turning up to rehearse. Sometimes it was just me, Roger Glover and Don Airey and sometimes Ritchie, Don Airey and me but the band never actually got together. We had been playing and wanted to start writing some new tunes for the new album but the only song we had was "I Surrender" written by Russ Ballard.

That was the only thing I started to record on. I did some backing vocals but they were taken off later. I flew back to Los Angeles and I left the band because nothing was happening.

But yes, I wish I had stayed a little bit longer.

See the full fb postings on this location.

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