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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gary Moore: Live at The Chippenham Golddiggers UK (1984); 40 Min

Maybe this is from the time when Gary Moore was as his rockin´ best. He passed away on February 6 this year. Long live the memory of this magnificent guitar player! Enjoy this concert from The Chippenham Golddiggers, UK, recorded in January 1984.

Gary Moore made a couple of changes in his band for the "Victims of the Future" tour. In came Craig Gruber on bass (with a past in ELF, Rainbow, and Ozzy), later to be replaced by Bob Daisley in December and Neil Carter on keyboards (from Wild Horses and UFO). Gary Moore was especially happy about Carter joining, because he sang and played rhythm guitar too and he had no ambition of playing lead guitar. Ian Paice still was on drums, but in the middle of the tour he was replaced by Bobby Chouinard, who temporarily filled the place (and did it good). The reason for this change was that Deep Purple had had an offer of $2 mio to reunite. They released “Perfect Strangers” later that year. Later on Paul Thompson replaced Chouinard on drums. 

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Gary Moore-Guitar/Vocals
Craig Gruber-Bass
Ian Paice-Drums,
Neil Carter-Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals

01 Rockin' Every Night
02 Shapes Of Things
03 Hold On To Love
04 Victims Of The Future
05 Empty Rooms
06 End Of The World
07 Back On The Streets 

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