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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Deep Purple: "Live In Japan Complete"

It seems that we got April fooled by Jon Lord regarding the Made In Japan Box Set - but there is a strong possibility of a Made In Japan special edition later in 2011. Despite the 3CD version some years ago (good grief, it was 1993), which featured hasty but exciting remixes of most of the three shows (and the later less than perfect anniversary 2CD remaster in the reversed out sleeve), the demand for an edition which contains every song from every show in the correct running order has continued. Indeed some bootleggers in Japan have even assembled their own version recently (the cheeky b*sta*rds even used our Darker Than Blue logo on the cover – needless to say it was nothing to do with us). Check out the bootleg picture sent to us by Jeff Breis – who spotted this for sale at $200!

So the concept is for three double CDs (the running time of the shows means it can’t be done any other way and still retain the set lists), in a box set of some sort (as well as a parallel vinyl version of some sort). Alongside the discs will be lots of memorabilia, a booklet and other goodies.

It is also hoped that a bonus disc with all the surviving 8mm film clips will be added, subject to clearance.

We’re still in the early stages here, but we will bring you more details as and when.

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