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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black Sabbath: "Forbidden" To Get Deluxe Treatment?

Joe Siegler of the unofficial - but great! - site posted this today:

One good bit of news I can announce. I did inquire about the other album in Black Sabbath's history that's had a long standing "issue" with the original mix. That's 1995's Forbidden. While a contract hasn't yet been signed for the Tony Martin IRS albums, I'm told they will be released "in due course", but.. The fun thing is that Tony Iommi is doing a new mix of the Forbidden album (they do have the tapes for that) inbetween some other projects. Forbidden is an album that usually ranks near the bottom of people's favorite Sabbath album lists. While I don't pretend it's the best, it really deserves better than it's long standing reputation has placed it. I'll be VERY curious to see a new mix of that, and see what people might think of the songs then.
Also there is more on the "Born Again" release:

It's been heavily rumored for some time now that Born Again was getting a little extra treatment. In the Universal "Deluxe Edition" series, they went from Heaven & Hell/Mob Rules/Live Evil to the release batch that had Seventh Star & Eternal Idol (Nov 2010). Then in Feb 2011, they did Dehumanizer. Born Again got skipped over. I was told earlier in 2010 that Born Again was going to be skipped (even before it's turn in the original release order came up), because they were doing some extra work on it, hence the extra time, or "delay". I later came to believe from a couple of sources that it was because it was finally getting the legendary "proper mix". You've all heard the stories about Ian Gillan's hearing the final mix and throwing up. Well, the rumors go that the 2011 release of the album would do away with Mr. Gillan's propensity for vomiting in regards to the final mix.

When the news broke of what is going to be on the Born Again 2 CD Deluxe Edition a couple of days ago, I decided to look into the status of the original album's representation in the package. Especially after I was sent the packaging and it said "Original Album" for Disc 1. Much to the disappointment of several people, I was told that the album was not remixed - it was just remastered. When I inquired why, I was told that they couldn't find the original multi-track master tapes that would be needed to do a remix. This was the primary reason for the delay, that they kept trying to track down the multi-tracks to do a remix, but could not.

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