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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Virgin Steele: Re-issue Of "Noble Savage" With Bonus Disc

SPV/Steamhammer is re-releasing Virgin Steele's 1986 album, "Noble Savage", with 19 bonus tracks on CD and vinyl.

About the band's third album, mainman David DeFeis comments: "Noble Savage is an extremely important album in the history of Virgin Steele. It was a major accomplishment for us at the time that it was recorded, and an immensely satisfying recording that I feel still holds up quite well today. It was the most focused, most well recorded, written and performed album we had done up to that point in our career. For me it is really our first album". This is also the first album where the current musical style of the band can be said to be found fully manifested, containing grandiose compositions with a multilayered keyboard sound and more sophisticated arrangements than heard before on previous albums. Noble Savage has become one of the most popular Virgin Steele albums and it includes the songs 'We Rule the Night' and 'Noble Savage', which the band still plays in concert."

- Double digipak incl. new booklet with rare photos and new liner notes by David DeFeis.

CD 1:
'We Rule The Night'
'I´m On Fire'
'Thy Kingdom Come'
'Image Of A Faun At Twilight' (instrumental)
'Noble Savage'
'Fight Tooth And Nail'
'The Evil In her Eyes'
'Rock Me'
'Don`t Close Your Eyes'
'The Angel Of Light'
'Obession (It Burns For You)' - bonus track
'Love And Death' - bonus track
'Where Are You Running To' - bonus track
'Come On And Love Me' - bonus track
'The Spirit Of Steele' - bonus track
'The Pyre of Kings' (instrumental) - bonus track

CD 2 – Extra Noble Ingredients:
'To The Devil A Daughter' – previously unreleased
'God Of Violence Kill' - previously unreleased
'Viking' - previously unreleased
'Ase`s Death (instrumental)' - previously unreleased
'Bitches From Hell' - previously unreleased
'Fight Tooth And Nail (Roman Sword Re-Mix)' - bonus track
'Tales From The Hammer' - previously unreleased
'We Rule The Night' (live pre-production rehearsal) - previously unreleased
'I'm On Fire' (live pre-production rehearsal) - previously unreleased
'Fight Tooth And Nail' (live pre-production rehearsal) - previously unreleased
'Rock Me' (live pre-production rehearsal) - previously unreleased
'We Rule The Night' (Bigger gongs&Bombs early rough mix version) - previously unreleased
'Noble Savage' (Flanging To Eternity early rough mix version) - previously unreleased

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