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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tokyo Blade Is Back New Album In March

Tokyo Blade is back! Pioneers of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Tokyo Blade present a searing new album entitled “Thousand Men Strong“ showing them again at their very best.

Lead guitarist & founder, Andy Boulton comments:

"We are treating 'Thousand Men Strong' as our third album, or the third album that should have been, so to speak. We view it as the natural follow-up to 1984's 'Night Of The Blade' as the songs hark back to the glory days of NWOBHM.
The group added, "We have deliberately recorded the whole thing in a very live manner in just over a week (real time) as albums were recorded back in the early '80s. No keyboards, no bullshit — just 100% heavy metal. Helped considerably by the talent of our new vocalist, Nicolaj, and classic heavy metal producer Chris Tsangarides."

The line-up of 2011 is as follows: Andy Boulton (guitar), Andy Wrighton (bass), John Wiggins (guitar), Steve Pierce (drums) and Nicolaj Ruhnow (vocals). The new album “Thousand Men Strong“ is going to thrill the fans from the early days as well as younger people who love their Metal powerful, melodic and above all HEAVY!

“Thousand Men Strong“ is going to be released 18th March. Listen to samples from the whole album below.

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