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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"This Day in Led Zeppelin" New App

"This Day in Led Zeppelin" is the indispensible accompaniment to one of the greatest bands of all time — the legendary Led Zeppelin.

Available as an iPhone, iPad and iTouch app, it contains over 5,000 music facts, a guide to every studio track the band recorded, as well as images of the band, a quiz, trivia, a rarely-seen article describing Zeppelin's career path, a bonus ringtone in a hard rock style, and two wallpaper screen image.

This Day in Led Zeppelin is a tribute to the hugely successful band, and a way to reconnect with all of the elements of their amazing unique talent — all in one place.


* On This Day

365 days of Zeppelin information: recordings, gigs, TV performances — the daily Zep diary.

* Song Notes

For every studio Zeppelin track ever released, with a unique link to play from your own iTunes library — or buy on the spot via WiFi internet link.

* Zeppelin Quiz

Hundreds of interactive quiz questions with scores out of 10 — from "Your Time Is Gonna Come" (0 out of 10) to "Celebration Day" (10 out of 10)!

* Zeppelin Trivia

Hundreds of notable notes in a fabulous file of Zeppelin facts.

* Rarely-seen Appraisal

Appraisal of Zeppelin's incredible career by Chris Charlesworth of Melody Maker.

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