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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Motörhead: Phil Campbell Interview

Rob Cavuoto of Guitar International recently conducted an interview with Motörhead´s Phil Campbell. Read excerpts below.

Lemmy Kilmister may be the driving force of Motörhead, but Phil Campbell is the vehicle that they travel their music journey in. Phil has been Lemmy’s right hand man and lead guitarist for 27 years, performing 14 Motörhead LPs including such classics as "Bastards", "Inferno", and "Hammered".

After 27 years I see why these two guys have been band mates for so long. Both have great senses of humor and love a good laugh. I guess you need it being on the road for months on end. As this leg of the US tour draws to an end, their new CD, "The World Is Yours" has charted to #94 on the Billboard and is their top selling CD to date.

Rob Cavuoto: The World is Yours visits more of band’s rock roots, smoother chord progression and straight ahead rock n roll grooves, was that intentional?

Phil Campbell: It’s definitely more rock n’ roll than heavy metal. That’s OK by me. We never have any plans. It’s just the way it ended up.

Rob: What gear did you use on the new CD?

Phil Campbell: I used a Bogner Uberschall amp with one of my Marshall cabinets and my two guitars, a Gibson 335 reissue for the solos and a Les Paul Silver Burst for the rhythms. I tried to keep it pretty simple. For effects, we used what the studio had. I think it was Black Star Effects.

Rob: How familiar were you with Motörhead when you first joined? ,p>

Phil Campbell: I was familiar with their bigger hits but didn’t know how to play their songs at the time. The band that I was with just ended their tour and I was able to get in touch with Lemmy’s manager and sent in some demos. For the audition I had to learn 18 songs. I did “Ace of Spades,” “Bomber” and stuff like that.

Rob: What’s best part of being in Motörhead?

Phil Campbell: Well, the worst part is going deaf. The best part is the good life. (Phil picks up his Blackberry and shows me a photo of a vintage car he recently purchased).

Read the entire interview on Guitar Internationall.

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