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Friday, March 18, 2011

Michael Monroe Interview recently conducted an interview with Michael Monroe to talk about his new album "Sensory Overdrive" and his past with Hanoi Rocks. Read excerpts below. Hanoi Rocks has been laid to rest and it goes without saying that the band has been extremely influential. How would you like Hanoi Rocks to be remembered?

Monroe: "As a band that did not compromise their integrity, just like me. A band that did not sell out and did what they did on their own terms and maintained their integrity. That's what I am proud of with Hanoi." You were once asked in an interview, if you could be the singer in any band, who would it be and you responded Hanoi Rocks. Do you still feel the same way?

Monroe: "I would pick my own band now. I love this band. It's great." If you were asked to reunite the original Hanoi Rocks, for one night, with original drummer Gyp Casino, Would you do it?

Monroe: "I don't think so. It wouldn't be worth it. Would ruin a good memory. I think it would kind of cheapen the whole thing. Like I have said Hanoi Rocks really became, not to say that Gyp wasn't important, but when Razzle joined the band, it really became the band, the spirit in the band just became something else. That's why I always felt that Razzle really made the band, the band! Hanoi Rocks to me was always Razzle, Sam Yaffa, Nasty Suicide, Andy McCoy and me. That's why I would feel funny doing it with Gyp. The band really got famous with Razzle in it. The chemistry with Razzle is what made the band."

Read the entire interview on this location.

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