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Friday, March 18, 2011’s Top 50 Metal Songs of All Time – #10-1

Defining metal music is never easy, but for this all-time list, opted to leave bands like Led Zeppelin and Queen in the hard rock camp and concentrate on the heavier metal sounds – Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica and the like. recently called upon its editors, writers and – most importantly – readers, to weigh in on the greatest metal songs of all time.

After all the votes were tallied, we were left with the Top 50 Greatest Metal Songs. After revealing #50-41, #40-31, #30-21 and #20-11, we’re finally able to unveil the Top 50 Metal Songs of All Time!

Find out who`s no. 1 and watch all the videos on Gibson.

No. 2. “Ace of Spades,” Motörhead

Maybe “Ace of Spades” is technically more hard rock than metal – but it certainly rocks harder and faster than any song known to man (metal or otherwise). From the moment Lemmy hits the gas pedal on the opening bass riff, the song never relents. “Philthy Animal” Taylor nobly powers the drums forward at a frenetic pace and “Fast” Eddie Clarke is more than up to the task of ripping a blazing solo directly after the breakdown. And oh, that breakdown. “You know I’m born to lose/And gambling is for fools/But that’s the way I like it, baby/I don’t want to live forever! – And don’t forget the Joker!” If that doesn’t set your blood boiling, then you simply don’t have a pulse.

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