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Friday, March 11, 2011

Lita Ford New Interview

Lita Ford returned to the world of rock after a decade and a half absence, much of which was spent living on an island with her then husband, Jim Gillette, and her two sons. Her comeback album, Wicked Wonderland, saw Lita crank the metal up louder, and harder, than ever before. While both Lita and Jim touted their successful relationship to the press, often in X rated terms, the end of their storybook relationship was near.

Lita and Jim inked a deal with TLC to do a reality show on their family, which promised to be a huge hit. During the process, however, Lita noticed things had changed in her personal life, culminating in her being physically attacked by her two sons. Lita claims Jim is controlling and that he was the mastermind behind the children’s radical behavior. Lita divorced Jim and is now fighting for custody of her two boys.

During this turbulent period, Lita also found out that she was being impersonated online and set up her own Official Lita Ford website to make sure her fans knew there is only one Lita, and this was the place to find her. On the website, she promised that her first REAL Lita Ford comeback album is in the works.

In the interview that follows, Lita opens up about the ending of her fairytale marriage. She also discusses how being put through the emotional wringer can actually assist the songwriting process. Not everything we talked about was serious, however, as Lita took time to talk about Joan Jett throwing up and Sharon Osbourne giving her a life-sized stuffed gorilla.

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