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Friday, March 11, 2011

Lemmy: Why My Bandmates Are Insulted By "Lemmy" Movie

Motörhead mainman Lemmy Kilmister recently spoke to the Artisan News Service about the criticism levelled by his bandmates at the makers of the "Lemmy" (full title: "Lemmy: 49% Motherfucker 51% Son Of A Bitch"), the documentary which examines Lemmy's life and career.

In an interview with Radio Metal, Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell was asked about why he and Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee rarely appear in "Lemmy". "Speak to the movie people!" he replied. "That's what we're pissed off about. They spent three years following me around and Mikkey (Dee, Motörhead drummer) around, all of us, you know, three fucking years and the biggest shot they got of me is laying down to sleep in the bus with 'Familly Guy' on the TV! (Laughs) The movie's about Lem, but it's really insulting to us. What a bunch of cunts!"

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