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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Motörhead - Complete Early Years Box Set

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the formation of the UK’s finest metal band Universal are releasing Motörhead "Complete Early Years" box set (Limited Collector’s Edition). This amazing boxset is so special its contents are housed in the Motorhead. The head is made of metallic plastic, with eyes that light up. A truly remarkable boxset!

• 8x CD Albums – 5” Japanese Miniature Wallets (Motorhead (Chiswick) / Overkill / Bomber / Ace Of Spades / No Sleep Till Hammersmith / Iron Fist / Another Perfect Day / No Remorse)

• 7 X CD Singles – 3” Japanese Miniature Wallets (Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers / Louie Louie / Golden Years Ep / St. Valentine's Day Massacre / Killed By Death (With Poster / Stand By Your Man / Shine)

• 1 X 7” Vinyl Single (Leaving Here / White Line Fever)

• Complete Collectors Guide To Motorhead Book – Cherry Red, Need New Cover, And Confirmation Of Order

• Limited Justin Hampton Motorhead Print

• Concert Programme Replicas Hard Back Book Featuring Full Colour Programes Of – Motorhead / Bomber / Ace Of Spades / Iron Fist

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