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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Deep Purple: "Phoenix Rising" CD/DVD Out In May


The Mk 4 DVD is now being scheduled for late May 2011. It is now retitled "Phoenix Rising", and is a DVD packaged with a live audio CD. The DVD has a documentary (titled "Gettin' Tighter"); this was originally a sort of 'making of' "Come Taste The Band", with studio knob twiddling, interviews, and footage of Deep Purple Mk 4, but is now extended to tell the story of the Mk 4 tour. More live material has been unearthed but we still do not know exactly what will be included beyond the 30 minute "Rises Over Japan" film.
There are three editions planned, a CD/DVD pack in a CD sized case. A DVD/CD pack which will include a small book and be a limited edition. A blu-ray edition with both video and audio elements on one disc.
The DVD will offer surround sound on the "Rises" footage.
It is likely that the audio CD will include a couple of unreleased Springfield performances as well as tracks from Tokyo 75 and Long Beach 76 from the Purple Records releases.
The title can be pre-ordered at the DPAS online store.
Watch the "Gettin` Tighter" trailer below:

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