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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brian Robertson: "Diamonds and Dirt"

Brian Robertson will always have a place in the hearts of hard rock fans thanks to his classic work with Thin Lizzy back in the 1970's, his early 80's work with Wild Horses, as well as his brief stint in heavy metal heroes Motorhead. However, since leaving Motorhead in the mid-80's, not much has been heard from the guitar legend, until now that is. "Diamonds and Dirt" is Robertson's first ever solo album, and though it's come perhaps 25 years too late, it's still a fairly solid release that showcases his tasty guitar licks quite nicely.

There's a certain late 80's hard rock/blues rock feel throughout "Diamonds and Dirt". Robbo handles all the guitars, plus some vocals alongside ex-MSG singer Leif Sundin, ex-Riverdogs belter Rob Lamothe, and the strong backing vocals from Liny Wood, Ellinor Alm, and Therion bassist Nalley Påhlsson. Drums are handled by Europe's Ian Haugland, and he does a fine job.

The CD includes a mix of covers and original material. Robertson delivers some tasty slide guitar to the bluesy Frankie Miller track "Mail Box" as well as Phil Lynott's "Running Back". 80's styled rockers "Passion" and the title track are quite successful with some interesting guitar riffs and solid vocal melodies, but some of the other songs have a generic Black Crowes/ZZ Top feel to them and don't really cut the mustard. When Robbo & Co. deliver the hard rock, like on "Do It Till We Drop", complete with some slashing wah-wah guitars, the results are very enjoyable.

"Diamonds and Dirt" will be released in the end of March. Get audio samples on this location.

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