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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aerosmith: Tom Hamilton "damned if we don’t have a finished record by the end of September"

Aerosmith is itching to record its long-delayed Big Ten Inch Record, and the band hopes that lead singer — and “American Idol” star — Steven Tyler is finally ready to Let The Music Do The Talking.

“Steven has been really good at selling the idea among his bandmates that the band is No. 1 and this is where his heart is,” bassist Tom Hamilton told the Track. “I look forward to him demonstrating that.”

Tyler, as you know, has been rather busy with non-Aerosmith-related activities ever since he signed on to judge TV’s top-rated talent show this season — a move that had caused some dissension in the ranks, because the band has been promising fans a new disc for more than three years.

“I am bursting at the seams to do this and have been for a long time,’’ Hamilton said. “Everybody’s head is into it, and once Steven is done with his TV gig, we get to work and damned if we don’t have a finished record by the end of September.”

Read the full story on Boston Herald.

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