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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition

Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition will feature multiple mixes and alternate recordings of all of the album’s original six songs, plus live tracks as well, including “Man on the Silver Mountain,” from the band’s first album. The two-disc set will be released in the U.K. on February 28 and in North America on March 8. For more info and full tracklisting visit Gibson.

The album marks Dio's first work with bassist Jimmy Bain: Bain would later play bass in Dio's solo band.

The album showpiece is the 8 minute and 26 second piece "Stargazer", which features the Munich Philarmonic Orchestra.

Few of the album tracks made it into the band's live set: "Stargazer" and "Do You Close Your Eyes" featured in all the 1976 shows, while "A Light in the Black" was dropped early in the tour. It was played at least 13 times in 1975-1976. "Starstruck" was played at least 16 times on stage - usually as part of "Man On The Silver Mountain".

Rising peaked at #48 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart. In the UK it would peak at #6. In issue 1 of 'Kerrang!' magazine, Rising was voted as the #1 album of all time.

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