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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Accept - metal album of the year!

ACCEPT’s “Blood Of The Nations” took the No. 1 spot in WJCU’s “Metal On Metal” Top 25 year-end album countdown show, which aired live on January .

“Metal fans of all types — thrash, death, doom, black and traditional — listed the ACCEPT album as one of their Top 3 for the year. It’s been a long time since Metal On Metal had a clear-cut favorite crossover and dominate the poll like ‘Blood Of The Nations’ did. The album also won the Metal Rules poll for metal album of the year.

To which guitarist Wolf Hoffmann responds: “We are thrilled ….thrilled ….thrilled!!! How better could we end 2010 with the album of the year in so many countries and what can top the start of 2011!

Summer 2009 — some great news reached the media, the fans and the labels: “ACCEPT are back with a new singer!”. In the beginning, the reactions were reserved and the people started to discuss. How shall ACCEPT function with a new singer But very fast, as ACCEPT started their activities, the news became more and more like a tidal wave.

Make sure to catch them live this year - see tour dates.

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