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Sunday, January 30, 2011


During the recording of The Wörld Is Yours, Motörhead experienced an unexpected fork in the road when Campbell’s father got sick. As such, Phil flew from Los Angeles to Wales to attend to his Dad, who unfortunately passed away. According to Lemmy, “Phil wanted to go say goodbye; that’s fair. You couldn’t deny the guy that obviously for a bloody album. So that was okay. The Internet’s a great thing for that. Phil has a small studio in his house (in Wales).We sent him tracks and he put lead guitar on them over there and sent them back. He only had to do it once; he did pretty well.” Listening to The Wörld Is Yours, there isn’t the slightest inkling that the Atlantic Ocean separated the guitarist from the rest of his band. “Yeah right,” jokes Lemmy. “We couldn’t get a good screen in the studio so…”

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