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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rush: "2112", "Moving Pictures"; Classic Albums Complete Episodes

The film starts with Geddy Lee discussing the longevity of the band, its formation, and its first drummer, John Rutsey. There’s commentary from various band members on the significance of each album up to "Moving Pictures". The band is forthright, honest and genuine about their career.

For the "2112" segment, Geddy, drummer Neil Peart, guitarist Alex Lifeson, producer Terry Brown, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, Cliff Burnstein of Mercury Records and a few other rock journalists discuss each song in order, starting with the unmistakeable beginning of “Overture”.

Any information on Rush is useful and never boring; Neil’s adulation for writer Ayn Rand, the 2112  logo, the story behind “Red Barchetta” or what the call letters of YYZ actually mean is every bit as enjoyable as the first time you might have heard about them.

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