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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aerosmith: Tom Hamilton To Sing Lead On The New Album; More Details Revealed

"Music from Another Dimension!" is the upcoming 15th studio album by Aerosmith, to be released on November 6, 2012. This album will be released in a single CD, edition, along with a deluxe version of the CD. 

An interessting thing is that former guitarist Rick Dufay guests on one song (11)– and that bassist Tom Hamilton sings lead on "Up on the Mountain" (14). Find the song credits and more details below. Other guests on the album is Carrie Underwood (2), Johnny Depp (13) and Julian Lennon (9).

Track list:

1-What Could Have Been Love
(Steven Tyler, Russ Irwin, Marti Fredrikson)
2-Beautiful - feat Carrie Underwood on vocals
(Steven Tyler, Marti Fredrikson, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton)
3-Street Jesus
(Brad Whitford, Steven Tyler)
4-Legendary Child
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jim Vallance)
5-Oh Yeah – feat Lauren Alaina on backing vocals 
(Joe Perry)
6-We All Fall Down
(Diane Warren)
7-Another Last Goodbye
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Desmond Child)
8-Out Go the Lights
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry)
9-Love Three Times a Day (Hello Goodbye) – feat Julian Lennon on backing vocals
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry)
(Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer, Marti Fredrikson)
11-Shakey Ground (The Temptations cover) – feat Rick Dufay on guitar
(Jeffrey Bowen, Al Boyd, Eddie Hazel)
12-Lover a Lot
(Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Jesse Kramer, Marti Fredrikson)
13-Freedom Fighter – feat Johnny Depp on backing vocals
(Joe Perry)
14-Up on the Mountain – lead vocals by Tom Hamilton
(Tom Hamilton)
15-Tell Me
(Tom Hamilton, Steven Tyler)

The keyboards are played by Russ Irwin. It is produced by Jack Douglas and Marti Fredrikson (1, 2, 10 and 12)

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