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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aerosmith: Brad Whitford Talks Aerosmith And New Album

Jeb Wright from Classic Rock Revisited spoke with legendary Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford. An excerpt from the story is available below: 

Two Thousand and Twelve is proving to be an exciting year for Aerosmith. The band is back on the road and has a new album is in the can, just waiting to be released. Even more exciting for classic rock fans is the fact that Aerosmith have Cheap Trick onboard as their opening act. Brad Whitford, a huge Cheap Trick fan, exclaims his excitement for the show, “I think Aerosmith and Cheap Trick are my personal favorite package. We’ve had some good openers over the years, but I think Cheap Trick is just amazing. They have so many great tunes and they are a great live band. They bring the house down night after night. It is a great opportunity for them and for us.” 

Indeed, the hits preformed at a Cheap Trick and Aerosmith concert include many of the most iconic songs of the last 35 years. Whitford admits, however, that fitting all of Aerosmith’s most beloved songs into one show is impossible, “We normally play about two hours in concert and that allows you to do around twenty songs, and that makes it hard to pick. We have 100 plus to pick from and to narrow it down to twenty is not easy. It makes it impossible to play everything that people want to hear, but we try to make it fair and include stuff from most eras of Aerosmith. Some albums get overlooked and certain songs get overlooked, as that is the nature of the beast.”

To make things even tougher on America’s favorite hard rock band, Aerosmith have a new album in the can and want to promote it during the tour. They are currently performing the first single from the upcoming album, 'Legendary Child', as well as another tune that Whitford is excited about, “We do one new song called 'Oh Yeah' and we have a lot of fun playing that song. It is a song that has a good old fashioned Joe Perry rock riff and those are always a lot of fun to play. We included that song to sort of test the waters and people are liking it. It translates really well live because it is straight ahead rock.”

Whitford explains the recent rumors that Steven Tyler may have to cancel some gigs due to health reasons, “Steven always goes above and beyond. He gives 110% every show. A lot of times, he ends up pushing his throat a little more than he should, but he is like a racehorse, you can’t hold him back.” In fact, the entire band is as excited as Tyler to be on the road in 2012. “We are all still here and we all still want to do it. Right now, Aerosmith sounds better than I have ever heard us sound. I really think everybody in the band feels like I do.” 

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