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Monday, May 7, 2012

George Lynch: Video Footage Of Nicaragua, Costa Rica Guitar Clinics Available

Legendary guitarist George Lynch took part in Randall-sponsored clinics in Nicaragua and Costa Rica at the end of April. Video footage from his appearances in both countries can be seen below.

RatPack Records has just released George Lynch's new EP. "Legacy". This four-song release celebrates thirty years of Lynch's guitar playing by "inject[ing] us with a super-charged dose of George's signature style and prov[ing] once again why he's one of the most respected guitar players of the last three decades," according to a press release. The opening track,"Blood Drive", ignites this disc with an upbeat catchy feel that is reminiscent of early VAN HALEN and Joe Satriani. "Circulo Del Fuego" is a well-constructed rocker that incorporates all of George's legendary playing style. "Invoid" can best be best described as "Mr Scary" meets"Tooth And Nail", seeing as it's laced from start to finish with amazing guitar technique and killer tone. The closing cut, "The Road Ahead", is a haunting ballad-style number that combines all the flavor and melodic angst of the late '80s but with a modern tone.
"Legacy" is a straight-forward offering with a classic metal vibe and is a must-have for any true fan of this elite guitar legend.

For more information, go to this location.

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  1. I've been following the "G-MAN" since the mid 80's,and he gets more impressive as time marches on. He's sure to join the ranks of the guitar Gods. -, Omaha,NE