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Monday, April 30, 2012

Uriah Heep: New Interview With Trevor Bolder Available

For Bass Players Only recently sat down with Trevolr Bolder of Uriah Heep for a chat. Read excerpts below:

FBPO: How would you describe your musical upbringing?

TB: I come from a family of musicians. I started playing trumpet when I was 9. This allowed me to join a brass band and start my musical upbringing and understanding. I also soloed on the cornet, which is a similar role to that of a solo violinist. When the Beatles came along, however, I thought I would take up the guitar. I joined my brother’s band, but, because he was on the guitar – and I was the youngest – I was assigned the bass. Looking back, it was the best move I ever made!

FBPO: Can you identify a turning point in your life where you realized, undoubtedly, that you were going to make a career out of music?

TB: Ever since the age of 12, I’ve always wanted a career in music. I was going to join the military so I could play in the military band, however, my mother would not allow me. Thankfully, along came rock & roll!

Read the full interview here.

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