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Monday, March 12, 2012

Vinny Appice Talks Black Sabbath Reunion, Tony Iommi's Health; Video Report Online

In the video report below from Artisan News Service, former Black Sabbath, DIO, Heaven & Hell drummer and current Kill Devil Hill stickman Vinny Appice, who insiders say could replace Bill Ward if he doesn't come to an agreement with his old mates, talks about the reunion with Bill and Tony Iommi's health:

Appice recently said that it would be hard to turn down the opportunity to play with Black Sabbath again if he was asked to replace Ward. "Well, obviously it would be a hard thing to go, 'Nah, I don't wanna do it,' Vinny told Loudwire when asked if he would accept the offer. "First of all, it's not just the opportunity. I love Tony and I love Geezer . I just played with Geezer in December at a Dimebag benefit - me and him played 'The Mob Rules'.

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