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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Van Halen: Kicks Off 2012 Tour In Kentucky; Videos Available

Van Halen kicked off their 2012 tour Saturday night in Louisville, Kentucky.

Out in support of the band’s new album, A Different Kind Of Truth,” Van Halen 
put in a “vintage performance,” according to Jeffrey Lee Puckett of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

The night belonged to Eddie,” writes Puckett. “Eddie Van Halen, the guitar-shredding heart of the band’s sound, was in peak form. His right hand was like a jackhammer all night as he showed utter command of his instrument, with no apparent ill effects from a 2009 surgery on his left hand. This was crucial, because while the band’s best material stands alone as seriously good, voraciously hard rock, Eddie’s guitar is Van Halen.”

To read more – including the night’s set list – see theCourier-Journal review here.

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