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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant And Jimmy Page Discuss Led Zeppelin IV On "In The Studio - The Stories Behind History`s Greatest Rock Bands"

North American syndicated Rock radio show InTheStudio: «The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands» celebrates the 40th anniversary of one of Rock's timeless classics Led Zeppelin IV. In a matter of four short years, Led Zeppelin had delivered four ground-breaking albums each destined to top the other. Widely considered a hard rock, heavy metal band by many, Zeppelin would astonish everyone by creating one of hard rock's first epic ballads, the most played record in rock radio history, “Stairway To Heaven”. Jimmy Page shares with host Redbeard the reaction the song got, even before Zeppelin had released it. We were out touring and that album (Zep IV) hadn't come out and we played “Stairway” in the Forum (Los Angeles) and we got a standing ovation.” Jimmy Page and Robert Plant reveal In The Studio why Led Zeppelin IV is the thirdhighest seller in music history.

When we started the band...I wanted to make music that people would respect; your fellow musicians, like Jeff (Beck) and Eric (Clapton) and people like that,” remarks Page. Robert Plant remembers, We did whatever we wanted to do and said, 'look, for us we have to just weave around wherever it was most appropriate, with amplifiers, without, doesn't matter, in the desert, on top a Welsh mountain wherever it was…' which could be indicative and could show what we were all about.”

InTheStudio can be heard on over 50 radio stations across North America. Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin IV/ InTheStudio program will air this weekend. To Stream it online, visit: 

These four decades later , it is startling to most fans to find out that the members of Led Zeppelin , particularly founding guitarist/producer Jimmy Page , were growing increasingly harassed by the constant barrage of attacks from the powerful English music press , while in America the then-influential Rolling Stone magazine had accused the British foursome of Page , lead singer Robert Plant, bass player John Paul Jones , and drummer John Bonham of outright plagiarizing several American blues musicians on the band’s second album . So while fans on both sides of the Atlantic  made Led Zeppelin’s first two uber-electric blues/rock albums wildly successful , back home the London press bashed the band mercilessly for Led Zeppelin’s unapologetic focus on the much larger North American market ,  plus  a lack of deference to these self-appointed ( and self-important ) kingmakers . As you listen to this week’s classic rock interview with Page and Plant In The Studio, it’s important to realize that this legendary fourth effort was made and released forty years ago this week amidst a defiant siege mentality.

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