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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jimmy Page Joined Roy Harper On Stage In London; Video

Another Jimmy Page live sighting on the weekend, as the guitar legend joined Roy Harper on stage at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

The occasion was a celebration of Roy’s 70th birthday, which actually happened on June 12th. The show was pre-billed With special Guest Jonathan Wilson and the odd surprise.”

Guess that makes Jimmy the “odd surprise.”

Page played acoustic guitar on The Same Old Rock,” a song from Harper’s 1971 album Stormcock.” There’s some history to the tune: Page played on the original track under the pseudonym of S. Flavious Mercurious.

Of course, Led Zeppelin recorded "Hats Off To (Roy) Harper" on Zep III, and Jimmy had some fun with the credits on that one, as well: Arranged by Charles Obscure” was another pseudonym of Page’s.

With a lengthy career spanning five decades, influencing everyone from Zeppelin to Pete Townshend to Jethro Tull, one of Harper’s most-recognized appearances is as the vocalist on Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar,” one of the few Floyd efforts to feature guest vocals.

Here’s video from Saturday, as well as some vintage footage of the two playingThe Same Old Rock” back in 1984.

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