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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Axl Rose:: Watch The Entire "That Metal Show" Interview; 42 Minute Video

We’ve been hearing about if for weeks, and the event finally aired on VH1’s self-proclaimed “National Metal Day.” Here`s the full 42 minute Axl Rose interview!

On 11/11/11, the station ran a special edition of That Metal Show, as Eddie Trunk sat down with Axl Rose for a rare, extended interview.

The interview took place in Miami following the Guns n` Roses show on October 29th, which meant it happened at about 5:30 AM the next morning….since the midnight GNR set wrapped up around 3:00 AM.

Some of the most interesting bits are talk about the Appetite For Destruction” cover, on why videos have yet to be done for Chinese Democracy” and, of course, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame discussion.

Check it out…

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