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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steve Hackett: "Beyond the Shrouded Horizon" Streaming Online

Today sees the release of the highly anticipated new studio album from legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Steve Hackett. Entitled «Beyond the Shrouded Horizon», the album is a deeply profound and mystical, yet heartfelt and spellbinding, progressive rock record which will seduce the listener. It marks another step on the enthralling journey we are taking with Hackett as he makes sense of his life through music. The album strikes a joyous note while remaining a fascinating and deeply personal affair. 

As Hackett says: "For all you restless souls out there, tighten your seatbelts and join me at full throttle on a ride from the shores of Loch Lomond to the Rings of Saturn." Coinciding with the release of "Beyond the Shrouded Horizon",, the only home of Guitar World Magazine is hosting an exclusive stream of the first disc of the album.

«Beyond the Shrouded Horizon» Track Listing: 
    1. Loch Lomond
    2. The Phoenix Flown
    3. Wanderlust
    4. Til These Eyes
    5. Prairie Angel
    6. A Place Called Freedom
    7. Between The Sunset And The Coconut Palms
    8. Waking To Life
    9. Two Faces Of Cairo
    10. Looking For Fantasy
    11. Summer's Breath
    12. Catwalk
    13. Turn This Island Earth

    Bonus CD:
    1. Four Winds: North
    2. Four Winds: South
    3. Four Winds: East
    4. Four Winds: West
    5. Pieds En L'Air
    6. She Said Maybe
    7. Enter The Night
    8. Eruption: Tommy
    9. Reconditioned Nightmare.

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