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Monday, September 19, 2011

Roger Glover: "If Live Was Easy" Streaming on Spotify

Roger Glover on his new solo album: “If I used a studio it was in New York, but a lot of it I did at home. When I say at home (laughs), home is where the suitcase is these days. A lot of the stuff was done on the computer and a lot of it is actually demos! I´ve got a computer and Pro Tools set up, the whole business, and I write songs that way. Usually you write songs where there´s a little drum machine thing and a couple of keyboards and you program it all and bing bang, you have a song! It´s really a kind of demo, but the weird thing is, I don´t have to write for anyone except myself! That´s what I´m indebted to Deep Purple for and so I tend to write whatever comes into my head and that´s pretty dangerous. (laughs) Lots of things come into my head. I mean, I listen to a lot of internet radio and that´s probably my main source of music these days. Switching around and there´s a couple of radio stations that I really like and I thought of doing an album like a radio station really, where you get a lot of variety, so that´s the idea for the fact that there are so many different… I hate the word style, but you know what I mean!” 

Roger Glover – If Life Was Easy

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